July 26, 2011, Theo Wirth Park, MinneapolisIn this time and within this medium, may we continue to extend our online experiences beyond the valuable but rather boring 2D realm of information and transaction.  May we deepen more fully into 3D where we connect with each other at the heart level.  And, may we move even further on into 4D, a place beyond time where we connect to Creation and Co-Creation.  In other words, may we braid together our evolving consciousness, our global community of All Life, and our emerging technology.

An artist friend said it this way: I believe in technology, but I think we need to make it more human.  I believe that the Internet is becoming a planetary meta-organism, but that it is up to us to guide its evolution, and to shape it into a space we actually want to inhabit….”

In previous decades, my passions for evolving consciousness and global community have been expressed through other ‘platforms’ such as living and working several countries, becoming an early voice for conscious business leadership as a catalyst for global sustainability, learning more about bringing 4D into 3D through storytelling, creating inspirational art, working directly with the bones or stones of Mother Earth where I learned to listen beyond sound.  All of these previous platforms provide a rich tapestry…like a magic carpet…upon which to ride into whatever is next!

Blessings, Barbara

Photo by Barbara.  Taken in Theo Wirth Park, Minneapolis, MN, July 2011.

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