Activating Creation / Healing Energy Grids


Grid with 6-pointed star

• Using your right hand, begin to activate the grid starting with the North pointing triangle which represents the yang or masculine clockwise spinning vortex of spirit coming into earth and work clockwise around the triangle three times.

• Again using your right hand, do the same process with the South facing triangle which represents the yin or feminine counterclockwise spinning vortex of matter rising to spirit, moving counterclockwise around the triangle three times.

• Then move your hand to the center and move it vertically up and down asking that the spins unite and partner to create a living field of vibrating intention on all levels of consciousness and in all dimensions.

• Express gratitude for this current of vertical energy that creates a link between the earth, the soul(s), and the cosmos.

• When it feels complete, breathe into the grid and align your essence, consciousness, and energy field with the grid and the intention within it.

• Ask the grid how long it wants to stay in form. Check it periodically to see if something needs to be adjusted or changed.  If you change or adjust something or if the current is interrupted because of, for example, someone passing their hand over or under the grid or feeling compelled to pick up and hold some object from within the grid, reactivate your grid using the same process you used initially.

• When the grid feels finished, acknowledge its service with gratitude and gently take it apart in reverse order of how you created it. Begin by removing the inner objects, then the centerpiece and the printed intention, and lastly the grid stones.

• Clear the stones and objects so they are not longer holding the old intention and can be used again when needed.

Activating 6 Grid

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