Allowing for Mystery

29 Great Mystery

Sometimes I have made “mistakes” when stringing. In one case, I left a very small stone out on one side. At first I thought I needed to restring the entire necklace. Then I decided to simply take a small stone out of the other side as well to see what it would look and feel like. It was one that had not especially attracted me in its “perfect” form. Before starting over, I tried it on. I could feel immediately that it was for me. In this altered form. Ah! It is not a mistake at all.

When I first began making StoneCircles for others, I liked to know who the person was before I made the necklace. It was fun to hold the person meditatively in my mind while I strung the stones. Then one day — in the midst of another “mistake” — I realized that I was in touch with the future owner at a non-linear, subtle, or soul level.

I remembered how the StoneCircles journey has not been linear for me so far… why would I try to shoe-horn it into a linear box now?

In your StoneCircles journey, trust in the invisible and trust in the unfolding of non-linear mystery is requested of you as well.

29 Great Mystery, Bodh Gaya, India


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