Choosing Stones for Yourself

31 Luscious LifeAs you look at the StoneCircles, you may notice that some immediately attract you visually. It may be their colors, or it may be the sacred site. You may notice, when reading the stories, that one or more calls out to you because it is so linked to where you are in your journey at this time.

If you have the opportunity to be physically present with the StoneCircles you may also find it helpful to touch them, hold them, try them on and wear them for awhile. Yet, when all is said and done, it may be something much less obvious, something much more subtle that attracts you or calls out to you. You may find that the one that feels like it belongs with you is far from what you would normally choose.

The stones have vibrations and emanations that are more subtle than we are used to. Listen for their cues. Give them a chance to call to you, to choose you as well. Let mystery be part of your process whether in person or over the Internet. The power of Mother Earth’s support is literally grounded in the earth. It is also much grander and more profound than the physical dimensions we can measure with our five senses.

31 Luscious Life, Miyajima Island, Japan


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