Designing Creation / Healing Grids

Creation or Healing Grid• Clarify your intention. Write it down if you wish. Write it in pencil on a piece of white paper to be put under the central crystal. Or you can simply speak it out loud once the grid is established. The whole grid is an expressive language weaving objects into a field of consciousness with the intention woven into it like fabric.

• Ask for or invoke those who will support and amplify your living field of consciousness. You can include Earth Mother and/or Devas of the mineral kingdom, or any other natural elemental forces that may serve you. Or you may invoke assistance from Spirit such as Masters, teachers, guides or Angels, and/or acknowledge the field of Living Love or Rays of Creation that you sense will be helpful to weave into and support your intention.

• Choose six equally sized objects for the points and another object for the center. The center object can be different from the more equally matched set of six (which can be crystals, sticks, stones, flowers, candles…). If they are crystals, make sure that they have been cleared of any other intentions or consciousness they may have picked up.

• Choose and establish the place for your grid on a table, the ground, any flat surface that will remain undisturbed. Clear the space both physically and energetically. Sage can be smudged in the area.

• Create the foundation. Unless specific colors or symbols need to be woven into the foundation, a white or neutral foundation is probably clearest. White napkins, paper, scarves, tablecloths work, or if outside, clearing a space works.

• Use a compass to find North and orient your first triangle to point North. Point the second triangle South. Try to place the objects an equal distance from each other and from the center.

• Then position the object chosen for the Center. If you have written your intention, place it under the center object. If you have not written your intention, state it clearly into the field now.

• If you are creating a group grid, each person can now place an object within the perimeter of the grid while stating their personal intention, preferably out loud, but not necessarily.

• Ask what other objects or symbols may serve this (or these) intention(s). Either through listening to your intuition or using kinesiology or dowsing,discern such objects and add them to the grid. Almost anything that is small enough to fit within the perimeter may qualify.

• Consider consciously including the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. You can place a small vessel within that can hold water or essential oils. Symbols, natural elements, a candle or incense, pictures, stones, words, charms. Virtually anything that holds meaning for you can be used.

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