Endorsements for Leadership in a Challenging World

Willis Harman, President, The Institute of Noetic Sciences

This is a moving story of personal discovery — discovery of what leadership means in today’s business world.  Barbara Shipka’s “eight powers” comprise an easily remembered yet profoundly inclusive mantra for invoking one’s true ability to lead — in the broadest possible sense.

Lawrence Perlman, Chairman & CEO, Ceridian Corporation

If business is to be transformed, the people who work in companies must change the way they think about their work.  Barbara Shipka’s book engages one in a personal way to think about the transcendent importance of what we do.

Hazel Henderson, Futurist and Author, Building a Win-Win World

A new and comprehensive guide to the really challenging issues and personal responsibilities of leading any organization.

F. Byron Nahser, President & CEO, Nahser Advertising

This book has a simple but challenging premise:  to fundamentally change business, each person must come to see their life as a story that in large measure is told through their personal growth and its impact on business practice. It has an amazing unity of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual life which is told with such honesty that makes it compelling and unforgettable.

Jacqueline Cambata, CEO, Phoenix Chemical Limited

Most business books are written one dimensionally and often convey an intellectual viewpoint without linking it to the heart.  What I love about Barbara’s book is that she conveys deep feeling in her brilliant ability at storytelling and then moves into concrete examples of what it means to be sustainable in business today.

Marjorie Kelly, Co-founder and Pubisher, Business Ethics

Barbara Shipka’s is a voice worth listening to.  She says so compellingly that business is a major force in determining the future of life as we know it Now is a time we must all be awake — and this book is a call for awakening.  It is both an urgent and soothing voice that Barbara brings to the dialogue.

Keith T. Darcy, Associate Dean for Executive Education and Distinguished Professor of Business, Georgetown University

Leadership in a Challenging World is a call to reawaken from a deep amnesia and the forgotten paths that we have taken, and to begin to experience, once again, the deep mystery of our lives.  Real leadership, as this book suggests, derives from our developed sense of passion, integrity, authenticity, and aliveness.  Real leadership is, indeed, a sacred journey.

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