Grids for Homes, Land…


These grids follow the same principles as others. The difference is that the perimeter objects surround and encompass the area being gridded. Drawing the lines of light is a little different because you are connecting with objects at a distance and need to link with them more consciously as you establish the connections and set the spins in motion.

The following photo and  banner above both show the central part of the grid.  The seven crystals are distributed around the perimeter of the house – generally above windows or doors.

Hgrid1 A home grid where the crystals are distributed around the home’s perimeter.

I have sometimes used grids on campsites and almost always in hotel rooms.  I ask whether the crystals want to be kept close to the center or prefer to be out on the periphery.

You can view either the creation and healing energy grid or the manifestation energy grid to find the principles of design and activation.


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