Healing and Cure

There is a difference between healing and cure. StoneCircles have deep healing powers at myriad levels. Cure is often linked to solving a circumstance we have defined as a problem, to “should knots,” to feelings of needing personal control, and judgments about personal success and failure.

Healing is beyond words. But to offer a few, perhaps healing is opening to the truth about ourselves — no matter how beautiful it is, opening to our natural state as spiritual beings, opening to our divine place in the order of things, deepening our capacity to love and be loved, to give and receive, and to serve and be served.

And, perhaps in concert with strong intention, perhaps through Mystery, perhaps through the power of how intention and Mystery work together, cures and solutions may also be in the best interest of the soul. Perhaps. Perhaps not.

6 Healingently, Avebury, England

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