BALANCE - SERVICEStoneCircles (Earth) are celebrations of nourishment, support, and beauty bestowed by Mother Earth.  At the personal level, each of the necklaces, necklets, prayer beads, and bracelets has a story to tell and all offer positive, high vibrational healing support to anyone who is drawn to them. Each stone is round, and each piece is round, honoring the sacredness of the circle.  At the collective level, there is another circle. Each piece is associated with a sacred place on the Earth.  When the places are strung together, we discover Mother Earth’s wearable healing energy grid, Mother Earth’s StoneCircle.

Celestial Rays (Sun) are 55 – 65″ lariats. Each uniquely designed as waves of energy with repeating ordered and random patterns, larger and smaller stones, even and uneven shapes. Each lariat has a name that describes the values / qualities / virtues associated with it. The rays surround the earth from pole to pole where they come together and, thus, create a whole. Together, they tell a story of the evolution of human consciousness.

StoneCircles and Celestial Rays

StoneCircles and Celestial Rays Surrounding Mother Earth

‘Music of the Spheres’ (Planets) is an ancient concept describing movements of celestial bodies – the Sun, Moon and Planets — as a form of music. This ‘music’ was thought to not be literally audible. Rather, it was a mathematical concept. Yet, today, you can listen to literal music of the spheres. According to Johannes Kepler, the connection between sacred geometry, cosmology, astrology, astronomy, and harmonics is through music. By heavenly body, these designs remain structurally the same from piece to piece but the colors and stones may change.

Infinite BlessSings (Stars) are intended to support us in opening up our perceptual field so that, figuratively speaking, we can read the water currents and know the true size of the pig.  In other words, they are numerologically and geometrically designed to open us to the possibility of what we may not currently perceive.

Finally, we have some Special Designs. The Small Ones will serve anybody but are specifically designed for the young ones.  They include ‘Blessing The Way Stones’ for expectant parents, ‘BirthSongs’ for young children, ‘FieldsTones’ for teens (or anyone…).  Also, there’s a service project called ‘With LovesTones,’ an astrological necklace called ‘Cosmos StoneCircles,’ a Mayan creation story, and an example of a commissioned piece.

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