44 StoneCircles (Earth)

Wearable energy grids hand-crafted of stones from Mother Earth
Offering healing support, spiritual nourishment, & loving beauty
Each holding a unique and personal story
Together holding a collective and global story
StoneCircle Variations

StoneCircle Variations

StoneCircles (Earth) are celebrations of nourishment, support, and beauty bestowed by Mother Earth.  At the personal level, each of the necklaces, necklets, prayer beads, and bracelets has a story to tell and all offer positive, high vibrational healing support to anyone who is drawn to them. Each stone is round, and each piece is round, honoring the sacredness of the circle.  At the collective level there is another circle.  Each piece is associated with a place on the Earth.  When the places are strung together, we discover Mother Earth’s wearable healing energy grid, Mother Earth’s StoneCircle (The Co-Creation Story – Part 2).

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