44 StoneCircles (Earth)

03 Essence on Earth

03 Essence on Earth

HEALING THEME Designed to support you in being fully and full-heartedly in your body so that you may truly experience the powers and possibilities that are the gifts of manifesting in physical form with its physical senses.

SACRED HOME This piece sits near Rotorua, a sacred site of the Maori on the North Island of New Zealand. A Maori myth tells of Rua, a folk hero who stole (or was given?) the skill of wood carving from the gods. Maori tattoos, with their curling designs that closely resemble those of the carvings, are gifts manifesting in physical form with its physical senses.

STONE ATTRIBUTES The stones carnelian, serpentine, mother of pearl, tiger iron, red tiger eye, black onyx, mahogany obsidian, and bone. Together they create a story of grounding and protection, of awakening to your inherent talents, of banishing sorrow and grief, of shielding from and/or transforming negative story of blessings and mastery.

COLORS The colors brown, orange, yellow, and black together represent qualities of the earth, maturity, warmth and creativity, energy and confidence, and maturity. These colors especially support chakras 1 (life), 2 (passion), and 3 (personal power).

NUMBERS “Essence on Earth” vibrates to the number 6 which signifies responsibility, nurturing, and family. Another significant number is 3. Each side has 48 stones (which reduces to 3) and the entire necklace has 96 (6) stones. The stones are in multiples of 6 and 12 (3). Key attributes of these numbers are interaction, expression, harmony and love.

GEOMETRY Hidden within the arrangement is an energy grid of triangles (3). Together these triangles form six-pointed stars which are energy generators.

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