Celestial Rays (Sun)

Celestial Rays are 55 – 65 inch long lariats.  Each is uniquely designed like waves with repeating ordered and random patterns, larger and smaller stones, even and uneven shapes. Each lariat has a name that describes the values / qualities / virtues associated with it. They are like the light of the Sun…radiating life-giving and life-sustaining light into the world without judgment or qualification – just as the Sun radiates to us.  The rays surround the earth from pole to pole where they come together and, thus, create a whole. Together, they tell a story of the evolution of human consciousness and, when integrated with Mother Earth’s StoneCircles, they form a light and energy grid (The Co-Creation Story – Part 4) that surrounds the earth in the shape of a star tetrahedron.

The Celestial Rays Collective Story of Radiant Light (The Co-Creation Story – Part 3)














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