Celestial Rays Collective Story

Celestial Rays are wearable waves of light that radiate their frequencies of life-giving and life-sustaining energy into the world…just as the sun radiates to us.

This is their profound shared healing story which is Part 3 of the 4-part Co-Creation Story.

Here is the written story:

The original StoneCircles collection emerged as 4 groups of 11 each.  Thus, when the Celestial Rays began to come forth, I assumed there would again be 11.  But then there were 12.  When I “asked” the stones why, I received the response, “Because the circumference of the earth is 360 degrees around and that divided by 12 is 30.”  Aha!  The rays surround the earth just as the StoneCircles do but in the other direction. The Celestial Rays are longitudinal, every 30 degrees from pole to pole, while the StoneCircles form a circle through the middle latitudes of the earth.

I wondered about the order of the rays around the earth for a long time.  I asked and I listened.  I even tried thinking it out.  More than a year passed.  The order still had not been revealed.  Then, finally, their story unfolded.  The ray of  LOVE AND COMPASSION “spoke” its place of beginning and ending each day:  0 degrees, the Greenwich Meridian.  I then asked this ray, “Who lives on either side of you?”  I learned that PEACE AND JOY is to the west, TRUTH AND PRESENCE is to the east.  This process continued until all had found their places of beginning and ending each day.

Next I wondered, “What is the pattern of their arrangement, the meaning?” I sensed a relationship to the chakras but, with traditional meanings, some of the rays seemed to be in the “wrong” places.  However, by now I have learned not to mess with what I am receiving by thinking too much.  So I left them as they were and asked, “Why this order?”

Here is what I received about this order (listed on the next page):  The rays embrace the earth but do not touch it.  They are metaphorically stationary.  Therefore, the place with which they identify (LOVE = 0 degrees, for example) is where they begin and end the day.  As the earth rotates, they each and all shed their unique frequencies of radiant light on the whole earth from pole to pole every single day.

They tell a story of consciousness and cooperation within a benevolent cosmos:

When we experience HEALING & VITALITY (1) and ABUNDANCE & GRATITUDE (2), however we define them,  then we can truly afford to SURRENDER, TRUST & FLOW (3). When we truly do surrender, we find that we have access to all of the POWER & POTENTIAL (4) of the entire cosmos.

As we truly comprehend this gift and hold its awesomeness, we experience an abiding sense of PEACE & JOY (5) and discover the ease of LOVE & COMPASSION (6) as a natural state. Living in this reality, we give our gifts of TRUTH & PRESENCE (7), CREATIVITY & INSPIRATION (8), and VISION & CLARITY (9) with every breath.

And then we reap.  On behalf of the whole.  It’s not personal.  These gifts come freely and not from the doing.  They come from the recognizing and receiving.  They are HARMONY & GRACE (10), UNITY & WHOLENESS (11), and BEAUTY & REVERENCE (12).

That’s a day’s rotation.  That’s an octave.  Then comes another day.  We experience the story again and again, day after day.  A process.  And one day we “begin” all over again in the next octave up. The 12 rays holographically kiss at the poles.  When you have one ray, whether wearing it or not, you have all of  the rays, the whole story.

There is a 13th ray that emerged later.  It is of the same design and yet unique.  The waves within the 12 rays are configurations of smooth and rough, large and small, order and chaos.  The 13th ray, DYNAMIC BALANCE, is a precisely ordered helix with the Chinese five elements and Feng Shui as its design principles.  It circles the earth at the equator and serves to support the integrity and relationship of the other 12 by being interwoven with all of them.

150 degrees West:  HEALING & VITALITY
120 degrees West:  ABUNDANCE & GRATITUDE
90 degrees West:  SURRENDER, TRUST & FLOW
60 degrees West:  POWER & POTENTIAL
30 degrees West:  PEACE & JOY
0 degrees/Greenwich Meridan:  LOVE & COMPASSION
30 degrees East:  TRUTH & PRESENCE
90 degrees East:  VISION & CLARITY
120 degrees East:  HARMONY & GRACE
150 degrees East:  UNITY & WHOLENESS
180 degrees East/West:  BEAUTY & REVERENCE

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