Infinite BlessSings (Stars)

Infinite BlessSings with Larimar

Infinite BlessSings with Larimar

Infinite BlessSings (Stars) are intended to support us in opening up our perceptual field so that we can ‘see’ the way angels see.  In other words, they are numerologically and geometrically designed to open us to that which we currently may not/do no perceive.  They are about connecting with Light Beings and Being Light.

The entire design of these necklaces is based on the number 7.  There are 7 healing grid stones that form a 7 pointed star, the mystical star.  There are 16 (reduces to 7) pearls on each side of the necklace near the clasp.  There are 7 segments of chain, each with 7 links and another 7 pearls.  The design surrounding the healing grid stones is also composed of 7s.  (With the caveat that sometimes a necklace may call me to a slight variation or ‘mistake’…)

The number 7 is the number of the universe.  It is a combination of 3 (soul) combined with 4 (body) and thus, is the number of integration of spirit and matter, integration of the invisible and the visible.  Some words that have been used to describe 7 are spiritual, ethereal, other worldly, faith, sage, wisdom seeker…

Further, there are 7 necklaces.  Common to all necklaces is that they have rare and unusual stones (rarely found as beads) that are not used in any of the other collections by Light Rivers Design (aka StoneCircles by Ariana)

While all of the necklaces are about connecting with and integrating the invisible world with the visible world, spirit and matter, the different stones can give a slightly different “flavor” to each necklace.  Also, while all necklaces connect to all stars, each has a different focal star.  They are:

Serpentine (Vega) – access to our spiritual history

Larimar (Arcturus) – goddess energy, ability to communicate in new ways

Ruby Fuchite (Betelguese) – deepening the path of service with the invisible

Seraphinite (Rigal) – feeling wholeness, special angelic communication

Kunsite (Pleiades) – deep knowing through the heart, divine love

Hemimorphite (Polaris) – accessing light, channeling abilities

Angelite (Sirius) – expanded awareness and perception, hearing the angels

Infinite BlessSings to you as you bring the stars to you right here and also venture out into the galaxy!

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