Music of the Spheres (Planets)

RenaissancesTones (Asteroids and Comets)

RenaissancesTones (Asteroids and Comets)

Renaissancepink4 Multi-faceted like a crystal prism in which the light changes with every movement; unique at every moment like the always changing patterns of a kaleidoscope —  gloriously beautiful, always new, and never set.

‘Renaissance’ in this case is more like mastery of many pieces that, together, create a coherent whole seen as a multitude that is integrated rather than homogenous.  In other words, more like a fine stew than a soup puree, with tastes that are distinguishable yet complementary.

In the East, one form of mastery includes three different aspects:  the pen (the ‘ relational aspect of ourselves), the sword (our warrior nature), and the paintbrush (the artist within).

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