Music of the Spheres (Planets)

SurprisesTones (Uranus)

SurprisesTones (Uranus)

Rather than rotating horizontally like all other planets, Uranus rotates vertically — how surprising and original!  SurprisesTones are similar in that they are actually three necklaces.  Wear them as one, two, or three strands! This necklace is about appreciating the unknown, reveling in the unique, breaking out of boxes, seeing experience as special, tapping into deep creativity and innovation.

Many times in life we find ourselves on autopilot — locked onto a well-known course.  As the physicist, David Bohm, pointed out, a lot of our thinking and feeling is actually ‘thoughting’ and ‘felting’ based on our past experiences. Uranus offers us the reminder to consciously be in the moment.  This can lead us to original thinking and feeling based on the truth of what is new, unique and original — even i the experiences where we may have decided that we have nothing new to see, hear, taste, touch, smell, think, say, feel.

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