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Wearable Astrology: Cosmos StoneCircle

Wearable Astrology: Cosmos StoneCircle

Some years ago I made myself a necklace that intertwined the moment of my birth or my natal astrological chart with the current birthday or my progressed astrological chart.  In simple terms, I see these two as being representative of the gifts I arrived with (natal chart) and how I am currently manifiesting these gifts (progressed chart).  I thought it would be fun to make a most unique necklace that would support the coming year on my birthday.

The result was this necklace.  Each year I restring the progressed strand to represent the coming year.  As I wore my Cosmos StoneCircle, I got a lot of feedback from people about how much they admired it.  

So I offered a class where people could make their own necklaces.  Here is the creative result of one of the participants from of that experience.


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