These inspirations and meditations are primarily visual meditations but do include a few words.

In-Visible Meditations

Simplexity: An In-Visible MeditationI began creating In-Visible Meditations about 12 years ago.  They are a combination of color, form, and words.  For many years I have imagined them as pieces that have motion and movement that could serve as meditations.  But, until now, I didn’t know how to make that happen.  As you’ll see, so far I have put two into motion with music.  These meditations are under 5 minutes long.  You will find them at Digital Meditations and Inspirations.

Shapes of Harmony: The Sacred Geometry of Crop Circles

Crop Circle Drawing 2006I have been drawing crop circles for 9 years now.  Each year I draw approximately 12 circles.  Then I create an original piece of art out of the drawing.  Until this year, they have only been seen as a very small printing of a color calendar.  Now, with generous permission from crop circle photographers, I have been able to turn them into what I find (and others report as well) to be very powerful and meditative experiences.  The geometry is especially transformative.

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