Leadership in a Challenging World: A Sacred Journey

Leadership in a Challenging WorldLeadership in a Challenging World is about a journey to wholeness. The whole self is sacred and required in order to lead well in the complex world of today and tomorrow. Business leaders have enormous opportunity and responsibility to lead consciously — coming from the depths of conscience and spirit — given the influential stage for global change and transformation business offers with its powerful infrastructure, financial resources, and cornucopia of human talent.

Written 15 years ahead of its time, this book is now making its way more and more into the world.  It has been used in several university business courses…both in the US and in several other countries.  It was published in Brazil in Portuguese in 1998 as Liderança Num Mundo de Desafios: Uma Jornada Sagrada.  In 2008, it was reprinted in India.

Recently I did a quick Google search and found it for sale in the following countries:  Australia, Brazil, Canada, The Czech Repubic, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, The United Kingdom, and The United States.  I even found a Moroccan blog entry about it!


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