Master Energy Grids


A master grid is composed of two interlocking six-pointed stars or four triangles. With 12 points, it is by design multidimensional and activates the 12 Rays of Creation. Together with the center, the power of 13 is invoked. This includes transformation, transmutation, and transfiguration. It calls to mind Jesus and the 12 apostles, King Arthur and the 12 knights of the Round Table, or the 12 signs of the Zodiac with its 12 houses in relationship to the self. This grid is a powerful configuration that contains the capacity to influence the collective consciousness. It is not usually used for personal intention but rather, reserved for those intentions that are either galactic, planetary or collective in nature.

House Grid

House Grid

A Master Energy Grid (with 2 of 12 candles off camera…)

You can view either the creation and healing energy grid or the manifestation energy grid to find the principles of design and activation.

In addition, to link the four levels of this grid begin by drawing the lines of light in the traditional clockwise and counterclockwise spinning vortices. Then add the spins of the other axis as if it were not flat.  Since any who may be called to create this grid are not working alone in its creation, and because it is holding intention for a larger Source within consciousness, ask for guidance and assistance. It’s good to have lots of practice with the other grids before playing/working with this one!


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