StoneCircles at the Personal Level

StoneCircles are natural and semi-precious stones that have been hand-crafted into jewelry that offers healing support, spiritual nourishment and loving beauty to those who choose to consciously connect with them. StoneCircles are celebrations of light and beauty bestowed by Mother Earth.

The necklaces, “necklets” (formerly known as chokers), bracelets, and sets of prayer beads offer positive, high vibrational healing support to anyone who is drawn to them. You may be drawn to them for their color, design, story, or their sacred site…. You may be drawn to one piece for yourself, and another piece for someone you love… It matters not “why”, in the usual sense, that one calls to you more than another. You will just “know.”

Each stone is round and each piece of jewelry is round in tribute to the power and sacredness of the circle. The stones for each piece of jewelry have been lovingly and consciously chosen. They have then been designed into combinations that are especially potent in supporting specific life themes.

The metaphysical properties of color and number, along with both ancient and modern ideas about the metaphysical attributes of the various stones, have been integrated into each piece.

The stones are arranged so each has “hidden” geometric figures within its design. These figures form a wearable energy grid. This grid both elevates and grounds the power of your intention.

The integrated unity that emerges serves to activate, support, and/or balance your physical, mental, emotional, and spirit bodies through the chakras and other levels of your energy body — as is called for uniquely by you. Each necklace, necklet, bracelet and set of prayer beads has been cleared and positively programmed to assist you.

For a deeper, fuller narrative, view the entire Co-Creation Story.

1 Allow the Waters, Bikini Atoll

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