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Stay tuned! ¬†I expect this set of stories and experience to continue to emerge and evolve in the near future. ¬†My quest is to offer my best efforts toward creating more sustainable global systems and communities for All Life. ¬†The platforms…like teaching, consulting, writing…may change but the underlying themes endure. ¬†For me, those these are:
– Global community
– Evolving consciousness
РCreate, create, create! 

A Sustainable World is a collection of stories expressing experiences, learning, and opinions.

A Cycle of Sustainability has 3 galleries of photos:
– Earth as Nature
– Human-Fashioned Earth
– Our Human Community

Much of the time these themes lie beneath the surface of whatever work presents itself. ¬†However, there have been periods when it is much more apparent…such as when I wrote my book, Leadership in a Challenging World, where the thesis presented is that business leadership has a huge impact on global systems. ¬†Therefore, consciousness individual business leadership is one means toward creating a more sustainable world.




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