Table Top Crystal Energy Grids

The basic form for a tabletop crystal grid includes a central object (usually but not always a crystal) and a specific number of other objects (6, 8, and 12 are most common) that form a geometry around the central object. (The objects can be crystals, sticks, stones, flowers, candles….)

When one of these configurations is energetically “hooked up” and allowed to “cook”, the result is two currents of energy.  One is a vertical current that connects our Souls “up” to the Cosmos and “down” into Mother Earth.  The other current is horizontal and has two aspects: 1) assisting us in connecting with other worlds that share Earth with us through a nonverbal, energetic, universal language, and 2) assisting us in diminishing the sometimes subtle power of mass consciousness such that we may more easily and fully focus our creative energies on what we are creating and/or healing (with a grid of 6 objects forming a six-pointed star) and/or manifesting (with a grid of 8 objects forming an eight-pointed star).

Office GridAn 8-pointed star forming a manifestation grid

The manifestation grid is based on the square. The square represents form, foundation, structure, stability. In numerology, eight represents power and influence.An example is a cross. In Christianity it represents God or spirit entering matter (vertical line) and joining humanity offering redemption (horizontal line). In the Native American spiritual tradition the cross represents the four directions and the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water), and often includes the next dimension by invoking Great Spirit and Earth Mother as a sort of “z” axis) through the center of the cross.

House GridAn 7-pointed star forming a mystical grid

The creation or healing grid is based on the triangle. The triangle represents the base number for Creation. Some common trilogies are: body, mind, and spirit; maiden, mother, and crone; father, son, and Holy Spirit; light, life, and love….

A triangle pointing upward represents the material plane rising towards spirit. The downward pointing triangle is the symbol for spirit entering matter. Intersecting them creates what is commonly referred to as a Star of David. “As above, so below,” is another way to name this six-pointed double triangle. It is by design, therefore, a perfect symbol for setting up a field to hold a creative intention that is not yet manifest in experience.

These geometric figures represent specific qualities within consciousness, almost like formulas or codes. Residing in all levels and dimensions, such figures can serve as bridges and translators between the varying frequencies of those dimensions.

Grid in hotel room
A combined creation/healing and manifestation grid that I designed for a hotel room.  Each day I listened for what wanted to be added from the surrounding area.

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