Wearable Energy Grids

This page is focused primarily on table top crystal energy grids. The principles, however, also apply to wearable energy grids.

Learning about table top crystal energy grids led me on a journey I had never expected to make – creating an entire body of artistic and healing work of wearable energy grids that serve to support individual, collective, and global healing and evolution!

You’ll find all of the wearable grids within Designs of Mother Earth.  They include StoneCircles (Earth), Celestial Rays (Sun), Music of the Spheres (Planets), Infinite BlessSings (Stars),  BirthStoneCircles (for children)…and more…

To learn more about the story of how the wearable energy grids emerged and how they are connected to an energy grid of energy and light that surrounds Mother Earth as her necklace, please enjoy The Co-Creation Story.

Luscious Life
StoneCircle 31:  Luscious Life as a bracelet and short necklace.


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