Why are Celestial Rays Called “Rays”?

8 Creativity RayThere is a continuum that goes from value to quality to virtue to ray…

When we ‘hold’ a value, it shows what we think, say, or feel — but we may not necessarily support it through behaviors or actions.  A value rides under a ray.

A quality is a value that we begin to adopt in our lives with variable levels of success.  One may find it easy to radiate a quality to friends but not to enemies, for example.

A virtue is a quality that is imbued fully at some level(s) of one’s experience but not at all levels.  Perhaps, for example, a person may radiate a virtue toward others but still be judgmental toward her or himself.

When a virtue is fully imbued at all levels, it is a ray.  When that happens, we experience ‘riding’ the waves of radiant light as a way of being – or a ray of being.  Some attributes are knowing mastery as simplicity, dynamic peace as bliss, God as soul in motion.

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