Your Own 2012 Calendar

Calendar on Photo PaperThere are a couple of ways you can go to have your own calendar and/or have calendars to give as gifts to others. Either I can print for you if you wish. Or, alternatively, you can print your own. The format of the calendar has changed this year and I’m even more pleased with how it looks than I’ve been in past years.


All three of these photos were taken at the same time and in the same light.   Yet there’s an amazing difference in color, intensity, and detail just because of the quality of the paper!

If I print for you, the calendar will be on 80 lb Premium Plus HP Soft Gloss Photo Paper (as in the photo above).  The images will have the same vibrancy and intensity that you see when you view them in the gallery or in the video. (The cost is $30 + $5 shipping + sales tax for MN residents.  Just send me a note at

Or, you can print one yourself.  Here are some suggested guidelines regarding quality. Don’t print directly from the internet as the image will be small, will lose resolution and accurate color, and the pages will include all of the surrounding internet stuff.  Using regular copy paper, will look something like this…

A better alternative is to drag the images to your desktop and print from there if you have a good color printer.  Be sure to use very high quality photo paper!  Or…you can put the images onto a jump drive and take them to a copy place like Office Max and have them do the printing for you.  Again, remember that the quality of the paper makes all the difference in the quality of the images.  Here’s an image printed onto heavy cardstock.  You can see how the colors and accuracy just aren’t the same as the original image (top).

On cardstock




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